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ID: 301

Villaggio con treno

ID: 302


ID: 304

Giostra grande

ID: 305

Carlo taylor

ID: 306


ID: 307


ID: 308

Christmas shop

ID: 309

Giostra piccola

ID: 311

Locomotiva vagone roman

ID: 312

Negozio peltro

ID: 313

Revolving tree

ID: 315

Santas express

ID: 316

Toys shop

ID: 320

Toyshop blu

ID: 321

Victoria palace

ID: 323

Villaggio giostra

ID: 326

Villaggio noel

ID: 327

Villaggio statico

ID: 328

Water mill

ID: 329

Take a look at the Christmas villages of Lami Fiori and give your home the right atmosphere during the most beautiful time of the year. Discover our vast collection of Christmas objects, music boxes, characters and scenery and ensure yourself an enchanted landscape of warm lights and colors that will blow your family and friends in awe. Dedicate a corner of your home to a Christmas village, rediscover the taste of winter and the thrill of waiting. The magic of Christmas awaits you at Lami Fiori, in Milan, in the heart of Brera.

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