FROM 1929

Franca and Nicola undertook their professional activity taking over a workshop of ancient tradition established in 1929, when the canals still flowed by the streets of Milano and the roads were called alzaie.

During its almost one hundred years of life the Ditta Sala”, whose name is still stamped on the shop’s old iron shutter, ceaselessly renewed itself: from a small activity located at the end of a courtyard in Brera, Via Pontaccio, to a florist of reference for the Milanese during the economic boom, through the passing of the baton in Massimo Leidi’s hands who moved the Company’s headquarters in San Marco square at number 8.

In 1993 Franca Fantoni and Nicola Lami picked up the baton in this long story renewing its prestige thanks to their innovative vision of the florist profession, transforming the shop in the boutique full of charm that it is today: a landmark in Milano, testimonial of the Italian lifestyle appreciated worldwide.

Our Team

Lami Fiori
Nicola Lami
``I would like that my customers, entering the shop, would feel to be welcomed in an oasis of good living in symbiosis with nature.``
Franca Fantoni
``Along with flowers, branches and leaves I use unconventional materials to narrate a story, I do observe and listen to everybody in order to get a glimpse of their own exclusive desires and create the personal stories of those that rely on me.``
Rino Reina
``Living and working in Milano represents a continuous incentive thanks to the wide variety of people I meet every day. I love listening to our customers to guide them in their choices.``
Guglielmo Lami
``The drive for renewal is what makes me face every day with enthusiasm.``